What’s In A Name?

(Re)Structuring Journalism

NameAs Bill Adair notes at Poynter today, four of us – Bill, Laura and Chris Amico and myself – locked ourselves in a windowless conference room at Reuters last week, sustained only by cold pizza, and spent a day discussing… well, what exactly?

It’s not that we didn’t know what we were talking about.  Let me rephrase that.  We knew we wanted to talk about projects like Politifact, Homicide Watch and Connected China, and how to evangelize the kind of journalism they do, but there was also a question about what exactly to call this kind of journalism.  To be sure, it wasn’t a big part of the conversation, but it was helpful to actually discuss the name.

Bill, of course, winds up calling it “structured journalism” in his piece – which works for me, not least because it means I don’t have to rename this…

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